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Valuing Businesses
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What we do for our clients

Frazier Capital Valuation was founded in 1997 to provide high quality valuation research services focusing on the tangible and intangible assets of manufacturers. Since then, it has evolved into a diversified valuation and brokerage services firm that provides advisory for manufacturers and financial institutions, for a number of different industries, throughout North America.


Valuation for Transactions

Estate planning, discounts, other tax related issues, forced liquidation of business entities, gift tax deductions, fairness and solvency issues, dissolution of marriage, probate, and bankruptcy.

Valuation for Tax Purposes

The transfer of a closely held business entity requires the consideration of estate and gift tax issues. Frazier Capital Valuation has significant experience in determining appropriate minority and marketability discounts for partial equity interests, insuring the accurate valuation of the interests for tax filing purposes.

Valuation for Financing Purposes

When a company wishes to use fixed assets as collateral, Frazier Capital Valuation will appraise the real estate, equipment and inventory, either for the would-be borrower or for a prospective lender. We provide authoritative estimates of the price that the asset might bring if liquidated, as well as the amount that might be realized after full market exposure.

Valuation for Insurance Purposes

Construction costs show dramatic changes, both positive and negative, during the past few years, making it increasingly difficult to determine accurate property insurance values. Frazier Capital Valuation provides full-scope building insurance valuations, which include an inspection, capture of underwriting COPE data and estimation of insurable value by major construction components.

Valuation for Financial Reporting

The SFAS No. 142 and SFAS 144 provide clear guidelines on recognizing asset impairment for goodwill as well as intangible and other assets. Frazier Capital provides detailed analyses on whether impairment recognition is required. If it is, we determine the fair value of assets held for use in the business and conclude the net realizable value of assets held for sale.


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