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Certified Business Broker, Expert Business Appraisals, and Partition Referee Services.

Commercial Business Valuation & Brokering of Assets, Real Estate & Equipment

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We Specialize In Complex Business Appraisals, Broker Services,
  And Partition Referee 

Frazier Capital Valuation & Brokerage was founded in 1997 to provide high-quality valuation research services for tangible and intangible assets. Since then, it has evolved into a diversified firm offering Partition Referee Services, Business Appraisals, Business Valuation Services, and Business Broker services for manufacturers and financial institutions across various industries throughout North America. 

If you are an entrepreneur or investor seeking comprehensive appraisal and brokerage assistance for businesses, equipment, and commercial properties, Frazier Capital, under the leadership of Stephen Bethel, is the leading authority for complex Business Appraisals and Business Valuation Services nationwide. As a reputable Business Broker, we provide expert guidance throughout the initial assessments and the buying/selling process, leveraging our extensive network, innovative technologies, and

unparalleled expertise to convert complex data and diverse market trends into achievable goals and outstanding outcomes. With our assistance, you can optimize market opportunities, reduce tax burdens, and achieve superior deals by making informed choices and simplifying transactions.

Our company focuses on evaluating and facilitating the purchase, sale, and consolidation of businesses in various sectors. With extensive knowledge of market trends, we provide tailored advice and strategic perspectives to assist you in accomplishing your specific goals. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur seeking to broaden your investments or a business owner prepared to embark on a fresh endeavor, we are dedicated to efficiently and professionally guiding you through the intricacies of the transaction process. Rely on us as your dependable ally in unlocking the complete potential of your business ventures.

& Appraisals

Business Broker

Partition Referee

Business Valuations & Appraisals

We Appraise, You Appreciate.

Valuation for Transactions

Estate planning, discounts, other tax related issues, forced liquidation of business entities, gift tax deductions, fairness and solvency issues, dissolution of marriage, probate, and bankruptcy.

Valuation for Tax Purposes

The transfer of a closely held business entity requires the consideration of estate and gift tax issues. Frazier Capital Valuation has significant experience in determining appropriate minority and marketability discounts for partial equity interests, insuring the accurate valuation of the interests for tax filing purposes.

Valuation for Financing Purposes

When a company wishes to use fixed assets as collateral, Frazier Capital Valuation will appraise the real estate, equipment and inventory, either for the would-be borrower or for a prospective lender. We provide authoritative estimates of the price that the asset might bring if liquidated, as well as the amount that might be realized after full market exposure.

Valuation for Insurance Purposes

Construction costs show dramatic changes, both positive and negative, during the past few years, making it increasingly difficult to determine accurate property insurance values. Frazier Capital Valuation provides full-scope building insurance valuations, which include an inspection, capture of underwriting COPE data and estimation of insurable value by major construction components.

Valuation for Financial Reporting

The SFAS No. 142 and SFAS 144 provide clear guidelines on recognizing asset impairment for goodwill as well as intangible and other assets. Frazier Capital provides detailed analyses on whether impairment recognition is required. If it is, we determine the fair value of assets held for use in the business and conclude the net realizable value of assets held for sale.

Business Broker Services

Negotiation and Deal Structuring

As business brokers we facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers, advising on deal terms, and structuring transactions to maximize value and minimize risks. This includes mediating discussions, crafting offers and counteroffers, and ensuring that both parties' interests are balanced for a successful transaction.

Business Valuation

We conduct thorough evaluations to determine the market value of your business, considering financial performance, industry trends, and comparable sales. A good business valuation involves detailed financial analysis, asset valuation, and benchmarking against industry standards to ensure an accurate and fair valuation.

Legal and Compliance Guidance

We provide guidance on legal and regulatory requirements for business sales, including contract preparation, compliance with state and federal laws, and coordination with legal counsel. Our business broker services ensures all transactions are legally sound and reduce the risk of future disputes or regulatory issues.

Marketing and Advertising

Our team creates and implements marketing strategies to attract potential buyers, including online listings, advertising in industry publications, and utilizing broker networks. This involves developing compelling marketing, leveraging digital and print media, and reaching out to a broad network to generate interest.

Due Diligence Support

We assist buyers and sellers through the due diligence process by providing necessary documentation, coordinating with legal and financial advisors, and addressing any concerns that arise. Our business broker services ensures that all aspects of the business are thoroughly examined, reducing the risk of unforeseen issues post-sale.

Confidentiality Management

We ensure the confidentiality of the sale process to protect the business’s reputation and prevent any negative impact on employees, customers, and suppliers. This involves non-disclosure agreements, discreet marketing strategies, and careful management of information flow to maintain privacy and trust.

Partition Referee Services

Property Valuation

As part of our partition referee services in Los Angeles and California statewide, we carry out a comprehensive appraisal to ascertain the property’s fair market value. This includes evaluating the property’s condition, location, and comparable sales to provide an accurate valuation for equitable division among co-owners.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

We serve as a neutral mediator to resolve disputes between co-owners concerning the partition process. Our partition referee services involves facilitating discussions, proposing fair solutions, and assisting co-owners in reaching mutually agreeable terms to avoid litigation and ensure a smoother partition process.

Legal Compliance and Advising

Our team helps to ensure all actions during the partition process comply with applicable laws and court orders. This includes advising co-owners on legal matters, preparing necessary legal documents, and ensuring adherence to statutory requirements and judicial directives.

Coordination with Experts

We collaborate with various experts like surveyors, real estate agents, appraisers, and legal professionals. This guarantees that all aspects of the property partition are managed by specialists, leading to precise valuations, effective sales strategies, and legally sound divisions.

Document Preparation and Filing

We prepare and submit all required legal documents, such as partition complaints, motions, and orders. We pride ourselves on our partition referee services, ensuring the partition process runs smoothly, meeting all legal requirements, and minimizing delays and potential legal issues.

Property Inspection and Assessment

Conducting thorough inspections and assessments to identify any issues affecting the property’s value or saleability. This includes evaluating the property’s physical condition, checking zoning compliance, and identifying necessary repairs or improvements.


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