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Mr. Bethel is the national director of Frazier Capital Valuation, specializing in the valuation of private/public equity businesses and financial instruments, commercial real estate investments, the counseling of business owners and commercial real property owners and broker of businesses and real estate.

Active in the business and valuation profession for over 30 years, he has valued domestic and international businesses, commercial real estate investments, and industrial machinery and equipment.


Stephen Bethel is a distinguished professional in the field of valuations and business brokerage, known for his unparalleled expertise and meticulous approach. His extensive experience and commitment to details enable him to deliver results that consistently surpass the expectations of those he serves, setting a high standard of excellence across the industries he serves.

Mr. Bethel is a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, is an MAI with the Appraisal Institute, as well as being a State
appointed Probate Referee with the State of California, as well as a Partition

Brokerage Transactions Completed of Commercial Properties, Residential and Businesses from Washington DC to California. Mr. Bethel is a member of
California Association of Business Brokers (CABB).

Valuation of private and public enterprise equity for: estate tax purposes, gifting, establishing employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), a basis for sale and/or buy-sell agreements, liquidations, both for and against the IRS. Valuations include C and S Corps, estates, trusts, limited and general partnerships, family limited partnerships (FLPs), real estate limited partnerships (RELPs), holding companies, limited liability corporations (LLCs), discount studies, and intangible assets for SEC and IRS filing purposes. Mr. Bethel has conducted valuations and consulting assignments throughout the United States and internationally. Financial instrument valuations include domestic and foreign debt, options, warrants, convertibles, preferred stock, swaps, mortgage pools and hybrid securities. Partial representation of industries of businesses valued include: advertising and market research, agriculture, adhesives and sealants, apparel, automotive service & dealerships, automotive tools and accessories, banking and savings, beer and soft drink distribution, biotechnology, broadcasting, building and forest products, concrete manufacturing, construction and contracting, chemicals, computer software and equipment, computer technology, drug manufacturers, equipment leasing, sporting equipment, healthcare, insurance, liquidation, machine tooling, media and film technology, medical equipment and supplies, metal plating, mining, packaging, paper and pulp, pet foods, industrial oils and lubricants, paints and allied products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, professional practices, publishing and communications, real estate management and development, research and development, retail/wholesale, steel, solid waste, telecommunications, tires, trucking and freight, and venture capital (ranging from high to low tech.).
Intangible asset valuations have included contracts, trademarks, trade names, utility and design patents, non-compete agreements, chemical formulas, goodwill, medical patient records and files, know how, and opinions as to domestic and international fair licensing rates for IRS, SEC and transfer pricing purposes, as well as for purchase price allocation purposes.

States where properties have been valued include:

  • New York Texas Arizona 
  • Delaware Nevada Colorado 
  • Oregon Washington New Jersey 
  • Pennsylvania Mississippi California 
  • Wisconsin South Carolina Massachusetts 
  • Virginia Maryland Illinois 
  • Idaho Ohio Indiana 
  • North Carolina Kentucky Michigan 
  • Oklahoma Missouri Louisiana 
  • Alabama West Virginia Maine 
  • Hawaii Alaska Tennessee 
  • Wyoming Montana Iowa 
  • North Dakota South Dakota Florida 
  • Georgia New Mexico Wash. DC

Commercial consulting/valuations of existing and to be developed malls, community, and neighborhood shopping centers; fast food restaurants, high/mid/garden style office buildings, medical office buildings; distribution, manufacturing, research and development, business parks; high/low rise apartment complexes both with and without bond assistance, senior housing; condominium conversions; hospitals, acute and outpatient facilities, skilled nursing and retirement communities; motels, hotels, and resorts; clubs; entertainment centers; marinas; golf courses, agricultural uses ranging from dry crop land to orchards and vineyards; self storage facilities; subdivisions and planned communities; easements, leaseholds, fractional and partial interests; mortuaries; mines and rock quarries; mountains; auto and trucking dealership facilities; movie theatres (mega and multi-plexes); historic properties; schools; churches; ice skating rinks; wineries and grape crush facilities; tax appeal and testimony, throughout the United States. Mr. Bethel has also valued numerous tenancies in common (fractional), leasehold interests and special use businesses throughout the United States. Certified General in California (Lic. # AG013533) California Real Estate Broker (Lic. #01242276). Software proficiency includes Argus, DynaLease & Pro-ject.

Valuations for orderly/forced liquidation and value in use purposes. Industries and equipment include tire and automotive, mining, manufacturing, metal plating, wood and pulp, retail, clothing inventory, office equipment and machinery, cars, trucks, trucking and hauling equipment, construction equipment, grocery store and bakery equipment, car wash and gas station equipment, medical, bottling equipment, banking and finance, as well as a wide range of different inventories. Personal property appraisals have consisted of art, murals, antiques, jewelry, silver and other assorted collectibles.  
Prior to Frazier Capital, Mr. Bethel was a Manager of Financial & Business Valuation Consulting at Marshall & Stevens, Vice President at Landauer Associates and at Interstate Corporation, and an associate at Hanford/Healy. Previously, Mr. Bethel was the Chief Financial Officer of J. Hewitt Inc., a global medical manufacturing company, having operations in Japan, Australia, and the United States. Additional responsibilities included coordinating operations with foreign subsidiaries, interacting with the FDA and national/state toxic regulatory agencies. Mr. Bethel also has experience in the electronics and semi-conductor industries, as well as in the patent and trademark field.

Masters in International Finance

University of Glasgow – Great Britain.

Thesis: Financial Engineering for Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk

Masters in European Business

University of St. Andrews – Great Britain.

Thesis: Pound/Dollar Exchange Rate Forecasting

Advanced Bachelors in Economics

Occidental College – Los Angeles, California.

Substantial course work in mathematics/chemistry

Thesis: Transfer Pricing for the Trucking and Railway Industry


Stephen Bethel’s publications and books reflect a profound understanding of valuations and business brokerage, encapsulating years of expertise and insights into accessible and impactful readings. His work stands as a testament to his deep commitment to the field, offering readers a comprehensive guide through the intricacies of financial strategies and market dynamics, enriched by real-world applications and forward-thinking analysis.

The Business Valuation Resource Guide

386 pages, Mattatall Press, 2006 ISBN 0-9721330-0-3, CIP 2002107171

Business Valuation Rules of Thumb & Formula Resource Guide

463 pages, Mattatall Press, 2009, ISBN 0-9721330-2-9, CIP 2009925146

The Valuation of Movie Theater Operations,

175 pages, Mattatall Press, 2009 ISBN 0-9721330-1-2, CIP 2007929910

The Valuation of Auto & Recreational Vehicle Dealership Operations,

180 pages, Mattatall Press, 2009, ISBN 0-9721330-5-0, CIP 2009925149

The Valuation of Liquor Store Operations,

165 pages, Mattatall Press, 2009 ISBN 0-9721330-3-6, CIP 2009925147

The Valuation of Amusement Parks & Family Entertainment Center Operations

185 pages, Mattatall Press, 2009, ISBN 0-9721330-4-3, CIP 2009925148

Valuing, Buying & Selling Fast Food and Fast Casual Restaurant Operations

280 pages, Mattatall Press, 2015, ISBN 978-0-9721330-7-4, CIP 2015900514

Valuing, Buying & Selling Gas Station Operations,

320 pages, Mattatall Press, 2015, ISBN 978-0-9721330-8-1, CIP 2015900513

Valuing, Buying & Selling Vineyards and Wineries,

164 pages, Mattatall Press 2018, ISBN 978-0-99666080-8, CIP 2017912680

Valuing, Buying & Selling Bowling Alleys

254 pages, Mattatall Press 2018, ISBN 978-0-9721330-9-8, CIP 2017912668

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