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About Us

We are Frazier Capital

Frazier Capital Brokerage & Valuation delivers trusted advice in valuation and transactions. The firm’s capabilities and resources, combined with an agile and responsive delivery, distinguish the Frazier Capital client experience.

Key Facts

> Offices in Downtown Los Angeles, Downtown San Francisco in the Financial District, Newport Beach and New York.
> Professionals with experience in multiple disciplines.
> Experience in full service valuation of public and privately held businesses, commercial real estate, machinery and equipment, intangible assets, fractional interests, and financial instruments. 
> We also broker Commercial Real Estate & Businesses & have industry experience in the following Industries:

Advertising and market research, agriculture, adhesives and sealants, apparel, automotive service & dealerships, automotive tools & accessories, banking and savings, beer and soft drink distribution, biotechnology, broadcasting, building and forest products, concrete manufacturing, construction and contracting, chemicals, computer software and equipment, computer technology, drug manufacturers, energy, equipment leasing, healthcare, insurance, liquidation, machine tooling, media and film technology, medical equipment and supplies, metal plating, mining, packaging, paper and pulp, pet foods, industrial oils and lubricants, paints and allied products, pharmaceuticals, plastics, professional practices, publishing and communications, real estate management and development, research and development, retail/wholesale, sporting equipment, steel, solid waste, telecommunications, tires, trucking and freight, and venture capital (ranging from high to low tech.).

Key Historical Highlights

Frazier Capital Valuation was founded in 1997 to provide high quality valuation research services focusing on the tangible and intangible assets of manufacturers. Since then, it has evolved into a diversified valuation services firm that provides valuation advisory for manufacturers and financial institutions, for a number of different industries, throughout North America.

Institutions Consulted

Our clients include many distinguished corporations and institutions. We also serve the specific needs of the following groups:


Estate planning, eminent domain, condemnation proceedings, ad valorem, IRC §482 or §861, and §6038A tax problems, other tax related issues, forced liquidation of business entities, gift tax deductions, solvency issues, probate, and bankruptcy.

Corporate and Tax Officers

Pre-acquisition or merger valuation counseling, allocation of purchase price, tax purposes (federal and ad valorem), sale or purchase, financing, ESOPs, valuation of closely held stock, insurance, as well as for transfer pricing purposes under IRC §482 or §861.

Bankers and Trust Officers

Financing and solvency areas, fairness opinions, inheritance and estate cases, problems evolving from stewardship of assets via trust and estate services, limited partnerships, as well as for ERISA, the Department of Labor requirements for ESOPs, FIRREA or for other regulatory purposes.


Valuation for tax purposes, pre-acquisition or merger valuation needs, for the allocation of a purchase price, financing, or estate purposes.


Valuation of property administered by agencies of the government; real estate to be acquired by eminent domain; public highways, urban renewal, public parks, and easements; and valuation consulting to state and local property assessment and appraisal offices.

Insurance Advisors and Companies

Proper valuation of varying assets for rate-making purposes, and assistance at the time of casualty to prove the amount of loss.

Business Owners

Selling your business (asset or stock sales), valuation of securities/assets and special allocation rules for certain asset acquisitions for allocating nonamortizable intangibles under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §1060, and corporate liquidations.

Securities & Business Valuations

Frazier Capital provides valuations of capital stock, hybrid securities (i.e. options, preferred stock, convertibles) of closely held corporations (control or minority interests), and intangible assets, for a variety of contexts.

Pre- and Post-Acquisitions

Our consultants provide pre-acquisition consulting/opining on preliminary pricing parameters, the structure of the transaction, and the potential for stepped-up values on a stock versus asset sale. After the acquisition, we assist you with the basis for allocating the purchase price.

Tax-Related Valuations

These values are the most commonly requested valuations, with the majority following Revenue Ruling 59-60, the oldest and most important ruling on the valuation of privately held businesses. These valuations are most often needed in estate planning, gift taxation and marriage, or business dissolution. It is critical that these valuations be detailed so as to survive legal or IRS scrutiny. We do work for both taxpayers and the Internal Revenue Service and have testified in Federal Tax Court.

Intangible Assets

We provide intangible valuations for private and publicly traded companies. These valuations have been for numerous purposes such as amortization of trade names and license transactions and for IRC §197, as well as for source rules governed by IRC §482 and IRC §861-865. The most commonly requested intangible asset valuations are of contracts, copyrights, designs, goodwill, know how, film libraries, patents and patent applications, supplier contracts, trade secrets, trade names and trademarks, and unpatented technology. Whether transferring intangibles for tax benefits or licensing it to a domestic or foreign party, we provide detailed documentation for tax purposes. We are experienced in valuing utility and design patents, trademarks and trade names, copyrights, goodwill, non-compete agreements, processes, rights, subscription lists, or medical files for purposes of IRS or SEC filing, in order to establish a tax basis for acquired intangibles that may later be sold.

ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)

Frazier Capital will support your ESOP formation through pre-development consultations. After the ESOP is established, trustees and shareholders of ESOPs rely on our independent annual valuations of the stock for repurchases and annual updates, in conformance with ERISA and Department of Labor regulations.

Bankruptcy, Workout, and Restructuring Services

Our valuation of a financially troubled business on a going-concern basis, as well as our analysis of the restructuring plan, benefit both creditors and management in a Chapter 11 proceeding. Our independent, third-party opinion of the market value of the business and assets assists in the reorganization process.

Real Estate & Equipment Valuations

Real estate valuations generally include such categories as land, leasehold improvements, property rights, and buildings. Land valuations include industrial, commercial, and residential sites; farm and ranch lands; large governmental tracts; and land improvements such as paving, railroad sidings, and water, sewage, and drainage systems. Leasehold improvements include items of a structural nature and electrical, mechanical, and processing systems installed by a lessee. Property rights include rights-of-way, easements, nonconforming use, water, air access, and fractional interests. Building valuations range from a typical single tenant commercial product to high rise office buildings, and highly complex commercial facilities which constitute a large component of a business valuation. Machinery and Equipment (M&E) valuations include items of production M&E, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements, office equipment, tooling, patterns, dies, electrical transmission and distribution equipment for a wide variety of industries. These valuations are typically used for the following purposes:


Real estate and machinery and equipment values are used for traditional bank financing, private placements, bond offerings, bond ratings, and securitizations. Our reports are USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Practice) compliant.


Where off-balance-sheet financing is preferred, Frazier Capital meets the needs of the seller/lessor, as well as buyer/lessee, with opinions of market value, useful life analysis, remainder interests, estate-for-years value, and residual value.

Inventory Services

These services are essential for financing or buy/sell transactions. In addition, values are provided for liquidation purposes.

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

Frazier Capital examines leases, abstracts and expenses to confirm projected cash flows and performs market research on potential land uses and demographic shifts. With respect to Machinery & Equipment, property records alone seldom satisfy due-diligence needs for IRS scrutiny. Our experts offer a “not-less than” value, providing assurance that the price is reasonable or will support financing. After the acquisition, our consultants supply the basis for allocating the purchase price consistent with APB (Accounting Principles Board) 16 and 17 requirements.

Insurable Values

Segregating construction costs into appropriate real and personal property classifications may have significant tax depreciation benefits for new or acquired properties. In addition, insurable values are provided in order to give adequate insurable coverage.

Reduction of Property Tax

An assessor’s over-valuation of real estate or equipment can subject an owner to higher property taxes than is required. An independent valuation may produce substantial tax savings to an owner by an adjustment in value and therefore taxes.

Real Estate Feasibility Studies

These studies allow the client to more fully evaluate the risks and potential benefits of property use conversions or new developments.

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