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Equipment Appraisals

“From CT Scans and MRIs to Bulldozers, Cranes and Rolling Stock, we appraise a wide variety of different types of equipment”


On Site Physical Inspection & Appraisal – the determination of value based upon a physical inspection of the assets in order to determine its operating condition followed by extensive research to determine the requisite value required.

Desktop Opinions – a hypothetical determination of value based solely upon information provided by the client and conducted without the benefit of a physical inspection.

Inventory – the inventory and tagging of all equipment and furnishings and/or selected items. Inventories can involve a wide variety of different size facilities including business offices, manufacturing plants, and even healthcare facilities including hospitals. Simultaneous appraisals of equipment may also be involved.

Lease Review & End of Lease Negotiation – Businesses often acquire equipment on a lease basis. Such leases generally carry a purchase option at lease termination. This option usually stipulates Fair Market Value as the buy-out price. We can assist in the determination of this value and work thru the purchase negotiation.

Personal Property Tax Appeals – in some jurisdictions business equipment is assessed at its market value. Occasionally these assessments do not properly reflect current market value. Usually this is because the taxing authority either is not familiar with or has not physically inspected the equipment. We can determine the market value in accordance with local or state regulations and represent our findings within whatever appeal process is required.

Insurance Premium Valuation – insurance companies will on occasion, request an equipment appraisal, especially of high tech assets, prior to issuing a policy covering the assets in the event of loss or damage. We can provide full appraisal reports in compliance with the stipulations of the policy under consideration.

Insurance Loss Valuation – insurance appraisals are important when natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or other sources of damage cause a loss of equipment, supplies or facilities. Insurance replacement costs can be just and fair or not. Our appraisal of the appropriate replacement cost, as defined within the specific policy, insures that our clients receive the full and appropriate value in order to replace those lost items.

Charitable Donations – occasionally businesses and other related organizations donate equipment, new or used. Donors are eligible to receive tax relief for the donation to any non-profit corporation. We provide appraisals that document the value of the donation at the time of bequest.


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