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Refer a Business

How does this work?

If you refer a business to us, then we become the business broker.  When we sell the business, then you receive a referral fee once we receive our commission. You will not have to be involved in any way. Note, we only pay referral fees for referrals of selling businesses and not to referrals of buyers. If you cannot receive a referral fee, then we can donate the referral fee to your favorite charity.

Who would be ideal to refer a business?

The following are typical referral sources which we have worked with in the past.

  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Business Owners
  • Trade Group Networks
  • Entrepreneurial Networks
  • Consulting Groups
  • Other Brokers
  • Financing Specialists
  • Bankers
  • Trust Companies


What is Frazier’s Acceptance Criteria?

We typically accept all businesses that are cash flow positive and are free of litigation issues.


The business which is referred to us must be accepted by our team. Once this is accepted, we will then send a DocuSign or contract which is a one page Referral Agreement. This agreement is between you and us and documents the terms and conditions. After we have received the Referral Agreement we will reach out to the business that was referred. The referral fee is reliant upon the closing and sale of the business.

How do I get Paid?

This is straight forward. Assuming that we have the listing to sell the business and complete the transaction, we typically pay a 10% referral fee. For example, if we make a commission of $300,000 then you will earn $30,000. This will be wired to an account of your choice or have a check FedExed to you.

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